Kabbalah and Astrology

The structure of the tree of life is what I use with every consultation of astrology. It forms a backdrop and a way of measuring how much to lead a person in the unfoldment that it promises. This is an infinitely gentle process and can never be pushed, but must remain as an open invitation to take the next step. It is always such a beautiful sight to see someone recognise the infinite being that they are, and to help them understand the vision, to embrace possibility and not limitation.

Kabbalah is an age old way of finding meaning and direction within the life and time allotted to an individual during physical incarnation. Central to who you are, is the idea that astrology provides the cosmic blueprint for your soul. When you are reminded of this blueprint, and realises fully who you are, you may extend yourself and create alignment with cosmic intelligence. This intelligence is a continuous download into the mind-matrix that is open for understanding and never ceases, are always available and will always provide the right answers.

The way to access Universal consciousness is to understand your own personal self. There is a doorway, an interface, where we may contact divine. This is not to be found outside of the self, and is not in any way connected to certain actions. This doorway is within each and every individual. It’s not hidden, but must be acknowledged and be shown how to access this.

This is where Astrology and Kabbalah provides the answer. Know who you are, understand your basic makeup, and pattern your life according to the times and tides provided by the universally intelligent planetary archetypes. According to the Tree of Life, all is connected, all is near, and all is within reach, all planetary energies are present in every single moment.
And all this is choice.

The first step over the threshold of the open doorway is the acknowledgment of the physical being, the Earth sign, opposing the Sun sign in the astrology chart. In this Kingdom of Earth is where the work will take place. Together with this idea, is the understanding of full accountability for all in life, which is sometimes hard, for we must experience the fullness of the four elemental directions that binds in physicality.

The second step is the idea that immortality is the Foundation of the Soul, migrating over millennia to incarnate as physical manifested body. There is never right and wrong, just the time it takes to fully comprehend that all new experiences will be like a birth, emotionally challenging, ebbing and flowing like the Moon’s phases.

The third step is the idea that mind comes first to discern, the ability to live fully conscious and choose a path, even if it seems to others that you are stuck, this might be your way of gaining clarity with full comprehension. The Splendour of the inner knowing that Mercury as messenger brings is pure conviction of standing by your known principles.

The fourth step is the idea that cycles are eternal, there is nothing new under the Sun, and all will have a period of growth rigidity and decline. Nothing is ever against you, you will be rejoicing in Victory when Venus can attach value to each time increment experienced by your time on Earth.

The fifth step is the central idea of the eternal flame of the Sun Spirit. The Beauty of our Star within the Cosmos gives without discrimination, without ever holding back and in full glory of the freedom that heartfelt love brings without conditions attached.

The sixth step is the idea that all actions must be defined with correct restriction. Nothing can be continued indefinitely. Eventually decay or destruction will take hold, and therefore, all will be under the law of Judgement, to be weighed until karma is in line with the actions of Mars.

The seventh step is the idea that unlimited Mercy will be present to expand unbounded in Greatness and generous outpouring. You may use this Jupiter generosity with grace, to take for the self what is needed, and give the overflow to those that is waiting for your acts of kindness.

The eighth step is the idea that Understanding stands between you and the divine. Analyse and structure ideas according to time tested principles, and you will be able to be accountable without overwhelming your life. Saturn takes time to have in-depth comprehension of what is important and what will not endure.

The ninth step is the idea that the influx of Wisdom is ceaseless and continuous. All that can exist in the mind of the creator can be made stable in order to manifest if the right conditions are present. Uranus will provide the blueprint for each generation to possess the right structures for progress to take place.

The tenth step is the idea that the divine is concealed from the physical incarnation. The vast endlessness of the divine will be known and will be revealed in the silence of the soul. The experience of the vastness of eternal being will bring trust that all will be according the eternal principles is the Crown of creation and also belongs to man as divine gift. Neptune will provide the ability to discern with clarity the path to be taken, if we are in tune with the true nature of the physical incarnation.

The eleventh step will be the transformed soul that brings the eternal principles of the life as divine back to the life on Earth, in full understanding of eternal Knowledge. To live life according to cosmic intelligence, never to judge, always to allow free will to provide Wisdom of those who seek a new path that Pluto will provide.

The twelfth step is the idea that the transformed human, now as co-creator, can bring spirit into matter and into the daily life of the physical incarnation. To walk the path of continuous awakening in full Understanding of the responsibility that it asks.