What I Offer

Astrology Readings

I do one-on-one consultations with clients concerning life choices using the ancient symbolic langue’s of Astrology. The Planets within any of the twelve Astrological signs of your chart, at the moment of birth, is the mirroring of your souls archetypes and how they will be patterned to express as inner experiences during your life. Or you have to be brave and muster the courage for a reading, taking a chance to step out of your comfort zone of conventional society norms.

Life Guidance

I offer life guidance for who you are and the time-period where you are experiencing now; You may seek Astrology readings when the conventional approach of faith does not serve the urging of your soul to seek a deeper understanding of what you are going through at certain times of your life.

This is where Astrology can guide you step-by-step, to seek outside of convention and understand what you are going through. If you truly seek to understand, I will probably walk a long path with you.


You will want an Astrology reading in order to understand who you are as an individual and how your personality will unfold during your time on Earth in order to plan better for better results.


How two people will work together in any relationship always remains a challenge, and we can only fully know ourselves by interacting with others. I use various methods to help you navigate the routs to two hearts content.

Optimum Success

There is always the right time to do things right. Astrology is in essence how to translate time and link an event or opportunity to a time that support your endeavor.

Career Guidance

Your birth chart shows clearly what your talents are and what will satisfy your desire to get up in the morning and be happy with your daily existence.

Times of Crisis

You may seek answers to some or other pressing life circumstance that needs to be clarified. When there is an obstacle that needs to be addressed, Astrology readings can help you to hold the flame a little higher to see a way forward from your own soul’s perspective.

Ongoing Support

I have always left it up to each client as to when they would like Astrology insight or guidance, whether it is during a difficult time or just a general informative consultation. You may seek a yearly Astrology update of what to expect for a birth year, around your birth date, or the year starting in January.

Tarot to Support Astrology

You may also want Tarot readings as follow up from an Astrology reading as well to focus on specific solutions for decision-making.

Tarot Readings

I just love Tarot cards. It speaks to my artist-self and embrace my seeker-of-mysteries self! The evocative symbolic images are filled with hidden secrets that reveal and inform in layers of delightful Wisdom. Every time a question is asked, a window is opened and a light is shown into the darkness that sparkles bright with accurate simplicity.

I do Tarot readings in the same way the ancient Oracles did, each question has one answer. I always start with a general reading to set the milieu for the reading. With your Astrology profile at hand, you may start to ask the questions, and I answer with the appropriate Tarot spread. The structure of the spread will always have a pattern that is known to me, with the knowledge of the symbols on the Tarot cards; the answer will be clearly encoded. This method helps you to understand that there are possibilities for you to make your own choices, by formulating clearly what you want. The more specific the question you formulate, the clearer the answer. I do not make decisions for you, but we can certainly brainstorm and fine-tune until the steps ahead are clear.

I always use Astrology in conjunction with Tarot readings as well. At the beginning of each Tarot reading, I will look at your birth details. From there, noting life changing events along the path of life, I have insight concerning the life experiences, what your current situation is, and what the future scenarios as different platforms, could have in stall for you. These give me the structure for a more complete picture. This is especially helpful in how you as the client will understand the reading, but also how I should address issues and where the focus during the consultation should be.

Tarot readings are also very helpful as follow up consultations for an Astrology reading.

Teaching Tarot

For many years I have been seeking the origin of the Tarot by studying various decks, methods and obscure explanations. To my utter delight, I was shown a little-known ancient Way of the Tarot by a dear friend of mine. The system did not come through in its entirety card for card, because of an untimely death of one of the group that could access the ancient Wisdom Consciousness. But at least the complete structure, together with the keys to understand the whole system, was given. I would gladly share what I have learned with anyone with a curious mind. Come and discover the ancient secrets of the Major Arcana that will lead you to recognize your Soul’s yearning to blossom with understanding.

Let us discover how to understand the divine future, with free will as the objective, without the additional Karma of intrusive manipulation. Over 2 full weekends, we will be exploring card symbolism, number symbolism, ancient esoteric history, intuition, the unified field and synchronicity. The 3 hour afternoon session will include time for practical applications and working with different spreads. Learn how to clear your deck, shuffle the cards and interpret specific questions asked using specific layouts.

Prior knowledge of the Tarot is recommended but not essential. Please bring your own deck that consists of the 22 Major Arcana cards and the 56 Minor Arcana cards.