“Gnothi Seauton” or “ Know Thyself”, the words inscribed on the Lintel of the temple of Apollo at Delphi, one of the 146 Greek aphorisms. There is a great and true beauty in being able to understand why and for what purpose each of us chose a particular incarnation, to KNOW THYSELF, so that a self-validating flow might be established between the personal self and the world, which is a major step forward on the journey to self-discovery. Most people’s desire for the outcome of their life is undefined, until they have understanding of the Self and the opportunities they have through Soul development.

Astrology, by connecting with specific archetypal energies, creates a step-by-step pathway for you to have the insight into the layers and depths of your being. Astrology helps you grasp the knowledge to manifest your highest goals in order to live your own life, rather than projecting inauthentic views from family and culture as limitations onto the external world.

My service, as a professional Astrologer, is to interpret and be aware of your higher purpose and how to incorporate this revealed blueprint mapping  your potential into your daily life. The process within is illuminated and understood, and from your own authentic power, you will start to bring about the specific outcomes that you desire. Your external challenges will always bring with it an internal change, or challenge to learn more about yourself.

The challenge, and your navigation of these transformation processes, can both be read clearly and precisely with astrological tools. Your basic birth personality, at some point, will start to individuate, and walk your own path and follow your own rhythms and cycles. Astrology is not prediction, but a description of the very specific available energies at very specific times for you to make your own FREE CHOICES.

12 SoulSteps

The 12 SoulSteps is the Astrological wheel with the astronomical bodies of the solar system in the 12 signs of the Zodiac:  the 2 Luminaries (the Sun and the Moon), and the 5 ancient Planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), and the 3 Higher Octave Planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). The 12 signs are the 12 steps for the integration of the complete cycle of understanding the whole Self.

In English Gematria, “SoulSteps” adds up to 43, the same number value as Astrology, which adds up to 34. For me the mirror is important, all of life is reflective of the Divine manifested, including the unique personality of each individual as reflected in the Astrological birth chart. The Divine Soul and the physical life of each person are mirrors for each other to help us understand the steps back to Divine origin. When I add the 12, which equals 3, to the 43 of SoulSteps, the total is 46, 4 plus 6 is 10, then 1 and 0.

“The beginning of 1 as point, is embedded in the end of 0, of the All-encompassing circle of containment as potential of everything”.

The beginning of the personality – the birth chart, the unfolding personality, and the progression of the psyche – will be fully revealed to the serious seeker to understand and merge outer and inner developmental phases of the personality through the in-depth analysis Astrology can give.