“Heiltje’s combination of modalities, knowledge and keen search to constantly learn more, makes her readings unique, deeply insightful and downright practical. You always leave with a sense of purpose, understanding and hope.” – Naett A. (Publishing MD/Entrepreneur)

Heiltje is a Master in her field…
Intuitive. Insightful. Accurate. A teacher like no other.
Her talents as a practitioner combining both Astrology and Tarot and her unique methodology set her apart from most. A privilege to have a reading done by such an expert. – Tracey D., Astrology and Tarot student (Pilatus Instructor)

My interest in Astrology peaked in 2015 and I had the good fortune to be introduced to Heiltje who has opened my eyes up to a whole new world. With her teachings and nurturing nature, I am understanding this world we live in and how the planets effect all of us on a daily basis, whether you are a believer or not. Heiltje, I thank you for your continued support and I wish you nothing but the very best on your journey of expansion. – Frankie Z., Astrology and Tarot student (Accountant)

Heiltje le Roux help my verstaan wat hier en nou in en om my gebeur, sodat ek die goeie kan doen wat ons elkeen moet (Translation: Heiltje le Roux helps me understand what goes on inside and outside myself, so that I can do the good that we all should.) – Johann R. (PhD Philosophy)

“My experience of Heiltje is a deeply sincere person who has a unique combination of astrology, tarot and kabbalah knowledge. Heiltje is able to provide authentic and realistic guidance, counselling and teaching from everyday matters to life changing events. She is gentle and soft spoken and imparts her knowledge in a caring and empathetic manner. After having a reading from her, no matter what the news, you always leave feeling supported and lifted.” – Vanessa M. (Marketing)

“One of the most profound, significant and empowering coaching and healing sessions I have experienced”. – Delaine van Z. (Organisational Development)

This mapping session facilitated incredible guidance for my life path. It made me understand myself much better and how to look at life and the opportunities if offers to optimise and gain more insight in who I am. This was a great session, thank you! – Magda R. (Business Development)

“A consult with Heiltje is a gift to yourself. She brings multiple modalities together with deep intuition and reflects ones’ soul in a way that leaves you feeling understood, enlightened and optimistic. A reading with her is a must for any spiritually seeking person.” -Rhonda K-S (Investment Analyst)