The Moon Soul and Cancer

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The sign your Moon is the gateway of your soul; how you enter into the world of physical action. Without the fear of survival, represented by your Moon sign, you would not carefully navigate the overwhelming newness of each incarnation. Without overcoming those fears, you would not grow in boldness and experience; you could not become the individual you ought to be.

Understand the emotions connected to your moon sign, the subtle clues of fear you need to listen to. You would not get your Moon sign right the first time, or the second time, it would remain a constant reminder of the timeframe you are in, that each experience needs your constant attention to understand the depth of your feelings. It is through feeling that you really connect, grow in intelligence and empathetic connectedness, to yourself and to the people around you.

The sign of your Moon needs to be lived and incorporated into your life; for it is also the gateway back to Spirit and your refined higher self where you came from. With conscious mind and mature control of feelings, bold action is needed to transcend the fear reflected in the sign of your Moon.

We had the forceful watery movement growing with the new Moon in Cancer to set the tone for the next two weeks. The Sun is Spirit, eternal and constant; the Moon is Soul and immortal. Combined in Cancer, the first sign of feeling, you can set your mantra and your actions to reflect the deepest yearnings of your life. Be bold and face your fears, feel and reflect, be truthful about your ambitions. Live and act mindful of the expression of your true feelings.

And just when you thought it would be easy, you cannot give eventual birth to your individuality if Saturn would not strengthen your spine to carry your Soul. Know your Saturn sign. The opposition of Capricorn hold Cancer strong; forms the bones, clothed in the garment of your skin you will live out your understanding and your responsibility towards your time in the world. Then give back to the world and to yourself, the gifts of your nurtured experiences, with mature understanding, reflecting the depth of the sign of your Moon.