Eclipse August 2017

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The 2017 eclipse on Regulus

On the 21st of August we are going to have a solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Leo, one degree away from the royal fixed star Regulus, the brilliant blue-white light in the heart of the constellation of Leo. The sign of Leo is about the relationship we all have with our own heart centre, or the Sun of this Solar system, or the sign the Sun was it at the time when you were born. If your birthday is around the 21st of any month, your Sun sign in your astrology chart will be close to 28 degrees and you will most definite feel the eclipse effect. To be the magnificent ruler of your life, you will have to give life to your Sun sign, rule your own life and be benevolent towards all those you are incarnated with, including yourself. The Sun rules life on Earth, it heats the sap to rise in plants, it creates the heat for the winds to move and the currents for the waves of the oceans to swirl, it gives light to the daily rhythms of our Earthly Kingdom, creating life itself throughout the entire Solar system we are part of.

To have the Sun be eclipsed on the royal fixed star of the constellation Regulus, the heart the Leo is skipping a beat, creating a Phoenix effect, stopping the light to the heart as the Moon blocks the light of the Sun. Will you rise Phoenix like or will you whither in the ashes after the eclipse? How much do you grant yourself to be the centre of your life, not the ego maniac way, but the way of benevolently ruling like a king or a queen; balancing compassion towards your fellow man and the love of self and those you hold dear? How much do you trust your own light to shine without eclipsing those around you? Why would the Universe see you as a significant beacon of light for others? After all, he who rules life wisely will have accolades and loyalty. He who rules life foolishly will have darkness and negativity.

Uranus in impulsive Aries trines the Leo Sun, and Mars in Leo; ready for action on its own behalf, we are going to see some restlessness. The South Node in Aquarius asks for objectivity, but Saturn in Sagittarius trines the North node in Leo, it will be either the fanatic ego that wants to get attention at all costs or it will be the Leo Sun emerging and with innovative wise Uranus, create a new spontaneous Aries way for life to unfold. Just remember, even the way you think will create the future forward, everything and all that is was a thought before it eventually became reality. Why perpetuate and regurgitate negative fanaticism if can be the energetic love within the heart of the Leo that can emerge after the eclipse with the creation of life itself?

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